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Winter, Fitz Henry

Fitz Henry Winter was the son of Lane's sister, Sarah Ann Lane, who had married her Gloucester neighbor, Ignatius Winter in 1834. Fitz Henry Winter was born in 1834. In 1860 he was listed as a carpenter, and in 1861, he was listed as a member of the Mechanic Engine Company No. 1. He moved to Montana in 1880. Mary Mellen stated in her will that a portrait of Fitz Henry Lane and a painting by Fitz Henry Lane were to go to his nephew Fitz Henry Winter.

Winter's wife, Priscilla Augusta (Atwood) Winter joined her husband in Montana in 1882 and died there in 1888. Winter died in Montana, date unknown. (1)

(1) Sarah Dunlap and Stephanie Buck, Fitz Henry Lane: Family and Friends (Gloucester, MAChurch & Mason Publishing; in association with the Cape Ann Historical Museum2007).

1861 Gloucester Telegraph 8.3.1861
Gloucester Telegraph

The welcome-home parade for Company G, 8th Regiment. Mechanic Fire Company No. 1. The company carried a new banner presented them by Fitz H. Lane and F.H. Winter. A most appropriate design was painted upon it by the artist giver. Two figures were represented, a soldier and a fireman, with clasped hands: on the left a group of tents and on the right a fire scene. The banner was handsomely trimmed with oak leaves and inscribed as follows: "Organized Jan. 7, 1854"–"Union is Strength."

Lane-Haskell Family Tree
Stephanie Buck
Book Appendix

Sarah Dunlap and Stephanie Buck, Fitz Henry Lane: Family and Friends (Gloucester, MA: Church & Mason Publishing; in association with the Cape Ann Historical Museum, 2007). Appendix G: Family Trees: 164-6.

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