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Jacquith, Aaron

The Jaquiths lived at Fresh Water Cove, next door to Samuel E. and Abbie Sawyer, with whom they were close friends. (1) Aaron Jaquith (1803–88), who was born in Vermont March 21, 1803, married Charlotte Sawyer (1803–89) in 1827. They had one child: a daughter Charlotte (Lottie) A. (1828–94), who, at one point, was a seamstress and who never married.

Aaron Jaquith was the owner of one of the two paper ruler businesses in Boston, with an address at 6 Water Street. (2) He owned one or more machines that mechanically drew ink lines on paper.   

– Stephanie Buck

(1) 1860, 1870 & 1880 Federal Census; Massachusetts Vital Records; Massachusetts Business Directory, 1852.

(2) 1844 Boston Almanac.

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