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Lesson plans for teachers
Fitz Henry Lane Online Educational Resources

Exploring the Past through an Artist's Eyes

Lesson Plan 1A: Grades K-5 »

Lesson Plan 1B: Grades 6-8 »

Lesson Plan 1C: Grades 9-12 »

Farms and Fish: A Closer Look at Cape Ann's Industries

Lesson plan 2A: Grades K-5 »

Lesson plan 2B: Grades 6-8 »

Lesson plan 2C: Grades 9-12 »

Setting Sail for Distant Horizons: Cape Ann Captains and their Cargoes

Lesson plan 3A: Grades K-5 »

Lesson plan 3B: Grades 6-8 »

Lesson plan 3C: Grades 9-12 »

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