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Boston – Oakes Music Store

Located on Tremont Row in Boston, not far from Lane's studio, the Boston Evening Transcript of August 28, 1841 reported that this store exhibited his painting of the "Britannia." This followed the ship's arrival in Boston after its perilous crossing of the Atlantic in April, 1841 under Captain Cleland.

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1841 Boston Daily Evening Transcript 8.28.1841
p. 2 col. 2

"There is a beautiful painting exhibiting at the window of W. H. Oakes's music store, No. 13 Tremont Row. It represents the steamship Britannia during the most terrific gale she ever encountered. It was on the morning of the 23d of April last, on her passage from Liverpool to this port. The picture was painted expressly for Capt. Cleland, by Mr F.H. Lane, one of the best painters of sea views in the country."

1841 Boston Weekly Magazine 2.13.1841
Boston Weekly Magazine Devoted to Moral and Entertaining Literature, Science, and the Fine Arts
v.iii, n.22
p. 175

"Now Boston people do surpass other cities in the execution of almost every species of artizanship [sic] connected with the press; and to none should a higher palm be awarded than to Wm. H. OAKES, music engraver and publisher, Tremont Row, for the beautiful style of his issues. His vignette titles are far superior to anything across the water, and are better specimens of art than half the engravings for sale at the print shops. Who has not seen and admired his "Old Arm Chair," with the music by Russell? and it is of this we would speak; for we have been shown another Old Arm Chair . . . which is an exact copy of Mr. Oakes's . . ."

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