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Gloucester, Mass. – Procter Brothers

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In 1858 the Procter Brothers store displayed in the window the painting from which a lithograph of Gloucester, Massachusetts was made the following year. In 1859 not only did they publish the lithograph, but raffled five paintings. Newspaper accounts also indicate that the store exhibited a picture in 1863.

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1858 Cape Ann Advertiser 8.28.1858
Procter Brothers
Various dates
From bound volume owned by publisher Francis Procter
Collection of Fred and Stephanie Buck

"Our readers will please note in passing Procter Brothers store, 123 Front St., the fine View of Gloucester, which our distinguished fellow-citizen, F.H. LANE, Esq., has recently sketched from nature and imparted to the canvass. We understand that if a sufficient number of subscribers can be obtained, it will be lithographed, thus making a beautiful picture for the parlor of our residents, as well as an appropriate gift for our wandering Cape Ann natives, who can see the place as it now is. Persons who wish to subscribe will please leave their names with the publishers, Procter Brothers."

1859 Gloucester Telegraph 6.17.1859

"Now Ready! Lane's new View of Gloucester, the first edition, 18 just issued $2.75 per copy."

1859 Gloucester Telegraph 6.24.1859

"We learn from the publishers that the 300 copies of "Lane's new view of Gloucester," comprising the first edition, and with which each subscriber is entitled to a share in the original, and four other of Mr. Lane's beautiful paintings, all in splendid frames, are nearly taken up, and the paintings will probably be distributed on Monday, July 4th. Those who wish one of these beautiful views, should not neglect this opportunity, and subscribers who have not got their subscription cards, will please secure them without delay."

1859 Gloucester Telegraph 7.8.1859

"Subscribers to "Lane's new View of Gloucester," are particularly requested to secure their tickets in said View without delay. There is a few still left, which of those who have neglected to purchase will at once secure- The publishers are anxious to close it up and deliver the paintings to the lucky subscribers during the present month. Shall they do so?"

1859 Gloucester Telegraph 8.26.1859

"Lane's View of Gloucester" A few copies on hand. Now is the time to purchase, have framed, and hung up in the sitting-room or parlor.

1859 Gloucester Telegraph 9.21.1859
Gloucester Telegraph, p. 2, col. 3
Boston Public Library
Accession # G587

"DRAWING OF PAINTINGS.– The distribution of five oil paintings among the subscribers to Lane’s view of Gloucester, took place on Saturday Evening, at the store of Messrs. Procter Brothers. No. 125 took the first picture, being the original painting from which the view of Gloucester was engraved. It is a valuable picture, and Mr. John H. Whidden was the lucky holder of the number. The second picture, a winter scene, giving a representation of cutting vessels out of the ice, fell to No. 186, the holder of which was Mr. William Parsons, 2d. The third picture, a moonlight scene, was taken by No. 263, which was held by Mr. Joseph Richardson of Boston. The fourth, a landscape view, fell to No. 2, the owner of which was Mr. Solomon Pool. No. 93 took the fifth, a view of a large boulder, and Mr. William D. Winchester held the ticket."

1859 Gloucester Telegraph 9.23.1859

Distribution of Oil Paintings to Subscribers of "Lane's View of Gloucester."

#125- 1st Prize of the original painting to J.H. Whidden

#186- 2nd Prize, Winter Scene, cutting vessels out of the ice. Wm. Parsons, 2nd

#263- 3rd Prize, Moonlight Scene, Joseph Richardson

#2- 4th Prize, a beautiful landscape view, Solomon Pool

#93- 5th Prize, view of a Large Bowlder. Wm. D. Winchester

1859 Procter Able Sheet 1.1859

"New lithographic view of Gloucester from a painting by Lane View of the Town, price 2.25. For 2.75 your name can be added to a draw. The prizes are "the following pictures executed by Mr. Lane:

1) the original painting, from which the lithograph was taken

2) Winter Scene, cutting vessels out of the ice.

3) View of a large boulder

4) Moonlight Scene

5) Landscape"

1859 Procter Able Sheet 1.7.1859

"Lane's new view of Gloucester- An advanced impression of this splendid lithograph has been received by the publishers, Procter Brothers,... We learn that the canvas for this work will be commenced soon... We understand that under suggestions from the artist, Mr. Lane, several improvements will be made on this copy, making the regular issue of prints more desirable that the sample."

1859 Procter Able Sheet 3.4.1859

"6 different frames are available at Procter Bros. for Lane's new painting."

1862 Unknown Newspaper
Unknown newspaper

"Fremont's Camp.- Mr. Fitz H. Lane, has recently finished a very pretty painting representing the encampment of Col. Fremont at the "Loaf." It is executed with the artist's usual ability and gives a faithful idea of the scene. The painting is now on exhibition at the store of Procter Bros."

1863 Cape Ann Light 1.17.1863

"The fine painting by Lane, recently on exhibition at the store of Procter Bros., has been purchased by Mr. Collector Webber. We are glad to record this fresh token of appreciation of such valuable works by the artist's own townsmen."

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