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Bouvé & Sharp, Lith. – Boston

Bouvé & Sharp was a lithography firm comprised of two partners, Ephraim Bouvé and William Sharp. An English lithographer, William Sharp arrived in Boston in 1839, but didn't establish Bouvé and Sharp at 221 Washington Street, Boston, with Boston-based lithographer/engraver Bouvé until 1843. Their partnership lasted only from 1843–44, but they created an assortment of works including town views, book illustrations, and portraits.

This information has been summarized from Boston Lithography 1825–1880 by Sally Pierce and Catharina Slautterback.

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B & N.A. Royal Mail Steam Ship "Britannia" Leaving her Dock
Bouve & Sharp, lithographers
c 1844
15 x 25 in (38.1 x 63.5 cm)
Peabody Essex Museum
"Britannia" in the Ice
A. de Vaudricourt
Tinted lithograph with color by Bouvé & Sharp, drawn on stone by A. de Vaudricourt from a sketch by John C. King
17 1/4 x 24 7/8 in.
American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass.
View of Castine, Maine from Hospital Island
S. V. Homan del. (after a drawing by Homan)
Bouvé and Sharp, Lithographers, 221 Washington Street, Boston
Boston Athenaeum

Looking at Castine from Hospital Island. Joseph Stevens, Sr. mentions this print in the letter he wrote to Lane encouraging Lane to make a lithograph of Castine.

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