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Second Parish Meeting House (West Gloucester)

According to Babson, church was built in 1716. "It was taken down in 1846, when its frame still had its original strength, and only needed a new covering to secure it for another century or more against the assaults of the elements and of time. It was then probably the oldest church in New England standing in the shape in which it was originally built. Its venerable appearance and beautiful location made it an object of especial attraction to strangers; and to the people of the parish, though they had long ceased to use it for worship, it was dear, and consecrated to their hearts by its association with the joys and sorrows of their ancestors for more than a hundred years. Loath to see it demolished, they appealed to the public for money to repair it; but no sufficient response was made, and the ancient edifice was razed to the ground. In anticipation of that event, a drawing was made of its appearance at the time, and is correctly copied in the following engraving" (1)


1. John J. Babson, History of the Town of Gloucester Cape Ann, Including the Town of Rockport (Gloucester, MAProcter Brothers1860), pp. 265–66.

Second-Parish Meeting House
Fitz Henry Lane
In John J. Babson, History of the Town Gloucester (Gloucester, MA: Procter Brothers, 1860)

See p. 266.

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