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Gloucester, Mass. - Citizen's Cheap Cash Store (68 Front Street)

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This store was at 68 Front Street in Gloucester in the early 1840s. In advertisements in the "Cape Ann Light and Telegraph" it is rarely referred to by name, but only by address. It was owned by one of the Davis family and sold everything from gunpowder and tobacco, to "Isle of Shoals Dun Fish" and scaled herring, to almanacs. In 1843 one of the advertisements listed engravings for sale, and this appears to be the location of the exhibition of Lane's print American Vessels No. 1, c.1845 (inv. 452).

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1843 Cape Ann Light & Telegraph 4.22.1843
p. 3

"Engravings. A splendid lot of Engravings, at 12 1/2 cents each, just rec'd at 68 Front Street, among which are the following: The May Queen, Augusta, Clara, Victoria, Nancy, The Sleeping Beauty, John Tyler, Landing of the Pilgrims, Flower Vase, Brig Somers, Father Matthew, Mourning Pieces, suitable for framing - also Portraits of the People."

1843 Telegraph 5.31.1843
vol. 17, no. 43

“A beautiful picture of the U.S. Ship of the Line Ohio drawn and published by F. H. Lane of Boston may be seen at 68 Front St.”

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