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Babson, Annette

Annette Babson was the daughter of William Babson and sister to Edward.

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Personal Journal
Annette Babson
Saturday, September 22, 1849

"After dinner we went to Mr. Lane's our native artist, and saw a lovely picture taken from my favorite spot – "Stage Rocks." The shore, the ocean, the beach, the rich sunset radiance falling upon all with dark shadows here [and] there make up a perfect picture . . . No one could mistake it—so true to nature has he drawn it. What would I give if I had such genius—but there I would prefer the use of my limbs, which he has not to enable me to move at my pleasure. Thus he has genius to make food the law of compensation." (1)

(1)  Martha Oaks, Gloucester in Mid-Century: The World of Fitz Hugh Lane: 1840-1865 (Gloucester: Cape Ann Historical Association, 1989): 21, quoted in James Craig, Fitz H. Lane: An Artist's Voyage through Nineteenth-Century America. (Charleston, SCThe History Press2006), 158.

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